JUNE 11TH - 13TH

Virtual Summit

For More Women In Tech

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Toast gives women a louder voice in the tech market, so they can build successful careers that suit their lives.


Toast offers women in tech a sense of security and comfort, knowing that they aren’t alone.


Toast focuses on total transparency throughout the placement process, empowering women to earn what they deserve and do work they enjoy.

Get that bread.

Get that bread.

Get that bread.


For decades, we’ve been asked to conform to fit into a tech workforce designed by men, for men. A workforce that holds us hostage until 5pm, criticizes us for resume gaps, and chastises us for expecting to be paid like our counterparts. Toast is working to flip the hiring dynamic in favour of women in tech - helping you to get hired and get paid.

We’re saying hell no to the status quo and partnering with Wavy to bring you The Virtual Summit for More Women in Tech. Our mission? To champion inclusivity and drive meaningful change in the tech industry.

12+ Sessions
20+ Speakers
1,000+ Attendees

Whether you’re a recruiter seeking to hire more women in tech, a founder looking to build out your tech team, an established techie, or tech-curious. The Virtual Summit for More Women in Tech is the safe space to ask the tough questions.

What to Expect:

Learn Your Rights: Hear hot takes on taboo topics such as fertility and menstrual health at work. Understand your rights as an expecting mother in the job hunt, and get tips for negotiating severance pay.

Build Inclusive Teams: Let’s talk blind-hiring, building intentionally diverse teams on a budget, grants that help you hire, and the death of the Employee Resource Group .

Amplified Women Voices: We know what it’s like to be at another tech conference where it feels like it's just one big flex fest by the tech bros, listening to ideas that couldn't feel more distant from your reality. Only about 25% of the speakers at tech conferences are women and we want to change that - you’ll meet cool women, doing cool sh*t that you can apply to your own career or business.

Find Your Community in Tech: Join our daily speed networking sessions to rub virtual elbows with women in tech across North America. Make critical connections that can elevate your career.

Toasty Fun: An opportunity to Pitch to Parents, watch Men Read Mean Emails, and get a taste of what we endure every day in our Audacity Anonymous session.

We know we aren't for everyone, so here is who we are for:

Anyone of any gender identity who has an interest in making the tech industry more inclusive of perspectives from all backgrounds, genders and experiences. Period.


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