JUNE 11TH - 13TH

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Breaking Barriers, Building Communities

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Toast gives women a louder voice in the tech market, so they can build successful careers that suit their lives.


Toast offers women in tech a sense of security and comfort, knowing that they aren’t alone.


Toast focuses on total transparency throughout the placement process, empowering women to earn what they deserve and do work they enjoy.

Get that bread.

Get that bread.

Get that bread.

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Calling all women in tech

Join us for a gathering that transforms inspiration into action. You'll leave with reinvigorated purpose, prepped to take on (or take down) the system.

What's in it for you

Renewed purpose in community

There’s no place like home: surround yourself with women ready to upend the tech industry.

Kiss conference fatigue goodbye

The Toast Summit is the opposite of draining: fill your plate with insights and leave no crumbs. 

Embrace creative destruction

Changing what’s in place isn’t always possible: we’ll explore when to burn it down and rebuild from the ground up.

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Calgary, AB


September 21


9 AM - 5PM


Platform Calgary

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