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Membership Benefits

We're friends with some major benefits; from career coaching to exclusive workshops, coffee chats to ad-hoc legal & HR advice, and so much more. 

Champions Program

Unlike traditional mentorship programs, the Toast Champions Program focuses on sponsorship, aiming to open doors and create meaningful connections for women in tech.

Career Coaching

Access monthly sessions from certified career coaches specializing in confidence, parenthood, leadership, sales, neurodiversity, and much more.

Monthly Virtual Workshops

Exclusive access to free interactive workshops for you to sharpen both your technical and soft skills.

IRL Events & Networking

Join monthly IRL meetups in major cities, where you can connect with women from across the tech industries. Come for the network, stay for the friends.


Grow your technical skills, learn from other women, and add practical experience to your resume through monthly technical workshops and quarterly hackathons.

Community Slack

Connect with women+ in tech across North America. Take part in a virtual coffee chat or join a speed networking session - Toast members meet you where you are.
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Toast gives women a louder voice in the tech market, so they can build successful careers that suit their lives.


Toast offers women in tech a sense of security and comfort, knowing that they aren’t alone.


Toast focuses on total transparency throughout the placement process, empowering women to earn what they deserve and do work they enjoy.

Get that bread.

Get that bread.

Get that bread.

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Arooj, Software Developer

After 6 months of searching I got a new role within 3 weeks of joining Toast! Thank you for making this safe space for us and helping people like me land their first role even in the midst of the current horrible job market.

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Silvia, Geospacial Scientist

Without Toast, I would never have had access to attend the incredible events that I have, and made meaningful connections with such brilliant women.

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Principal Software Engineer

I realized today that I am 100% capable of my new role and so are other women. I have SO much more experience compared to these guys! Yet we don't believe in ourselves and never ask to be promoted or recognized... You've opened up a world of confidence for me by elevating me to vouch for my worth.

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